What People Say About the Rushford Report

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on April 24, 2017

“Greg Rushford’s online journal is a remarkable achievement. We get stories that blend first-rate investigative reporting with an admirable grasp of economic principles way beyond that on display in the USTR or Commerce. I have used The Rushford Report more than any source to teach my students about trade policy in the real world: The Rushford Report is a national treasure.” ”
—Jagdish Bhagwati, Professor of Economics, Columbia University.

“On trade, Greg Rushford has the story—and with an attitude. I like both. From a free trader’s point of view, nothing tops The Rushford Report.
—Bruce Ramsey, editorial columnist, The Seattle Times

“When it comes to trade policy, political influence often trumps economic logic. Greg Rushford does a marvelous job at getting the inside story on the politics of trade policy and exposing those seeking special political favors. The Rushford Report provides an important public service and his investigations often yield astounding stories. The Report provides the specific examples of trade politics in action that enliven the classroom discussion, and wake students up to political reality.”
—Douglas Irwin, Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College

“The Rushford Report has less credibility than the National Lampoon.”
—anti-globalist activist Lori Wallach, reacting to a Rushford Report article that lampooned her role in misrepresenting a WTO dispute-resolution panel finding against the United States and the “Big Oil” lobby.

“While there are many publications that report on international trade issues, most of these offer only quick summaries of trade disputes and regulations. The Rushford Report is a unique voice in the international trade world, digging deep to find the real story behind the headlines. Simply put, the insights and perspective provided by the Rushford Report are not available anywhere else.”
—Simon Lester. A former lawyer with the World Trade Organization headquarters in Geneva, Mr. Lester is currently president of WorldTradeLaw.net. LLC, which analyzes WTO dispute-resolution panel rulings.